Artist Bio

TEXTILE JUNCTION. Electro Studios Project Space, St Leonards on Sea. Up-coming, 2024.
MAKE DO AND MEND, Swamp Witches. Take Courage Gallery, London. 2024
VIOLENT BODIES, Femanifesto. Ugly Duck, London. 2024.
THREADING THE EYE, Era Journal. The Crypt, London. 2024.
PAPPILON. Dalston Den, London. 2023.
CRAWL SPACE, Fresh Salad. The Crypt, London. 2023.
RIPOSTE. Electrowerkz, London. 2023
INTERIM. Candid Arts, London. 2023.
EVICTION NOTICE, Pocket Trap Contemporary. Pop-up Space, London. 2023

Bee Nicholls is a fine artist exploring the politics of the built environment through her textiles-based sculptural practice. Her work contrasts the perceived chaos of the body with the rigidity of urban spaces, querying the power dynamics of the city and the body's relationship to the built environment. Her use of materials engages the transgressive power of softness and the subversive potential of sewing. She invites viewers to reconsider their interactions with the city space, revealing the intimate and often unseen dynamics at play. Bee is a recent graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art undergraduate programme.

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